Destination : Turkey 

Hotels : Enchanted Turkey tour 2019 various hotels 

Dear  Shabnam , 

We would like to thank you for amazing trip to Turkey in March this year.. trip was far exceeded

our expectation in the sense that we signed up for trip not fully aware of what Turkey really offered .

The itinerary was very well structured and organised and provided us with an In-depth understanding

knowledge about History,  Culture and cuisine of Turkey...

The visit to Konya , The home of Moulana Rumi was awe- inspiring.. One had heard so much about him,

However visiting this home of his took that knowledge to a deeper level.

Other highlight of our trip included hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia as well as hot springs in Pamukkale..

The guide was organised exceptionally knowledgeable and provided valuable and relevant

information about tour and as well as history of Roman,Byzantine and Ottoman Umpire..

The accommodation at all the places were ideal and perfect and we were short of no amenities..

Your presence proved valuable especially because of your knowledge , patience and warmth..

We would like to thank you and look forward to accompanying you to other places in  the future .. 



Uncle Raoof And Aunty Fouzie