Destination : Mauritius
Hotel : Heritage Awali Golf Resort & Spa


 The management team at enchanted travel sa:

The level of proficiency portrayed by your team was totally exceptional.
from the time of queries to comparing qoutations as well as advice on different
locations,it seemed like a seamless task on your side.
the feedback I received was really good.

all that was promised was delivered,from the meet and greet to the hotel room upgrade
and the pre-booked excursions,were all of very high calibre.

the cherry on the cake for me was:

a reminder of the unabridged certificates for my kids and a replacement of vouchers at the 11th hour
as I had misplaced mine.

A sms while abroad to query if all was well

A phone call on arrival week for feedback.

thank you for the high level of service,we have been totally spoilt.

I would highly recommend the use of ETSA

thank you kindly.